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Excellent Mobility Solutions to Face Challenges

At Zmartpros, we believe that quality is doing the job right and getting it done all the time. We have provided flawless mobile application services to many of our valuable customers. Here are a few samples.


1. What our customers wanted

One of our customers who had an employee strength of 200 to do maintenance work, wanted an app developed to manage and track the group performing many tasks. They had paper based approach where in all information had to be filled manually impacting productivity.

Our Solution: We provided an app based on Mobile Workflow management that helped the crew manager assign work. The workforce could then confirm that they have completed all the tasks. This information is downloaded by the company's accounting system for rapid solutions.


2. What our customers wanted

One of our customers was a school owner. Very often after the school authorities got complaints from the parents that the driver was speeding way, not arriving on time to pick the child up and sometimes they are never on schedule.

Our Solution: We developed an application that helped the school officials keep a track of the bus, whether the driver adhere the traffic rules, whether the driver is taking the most efficient route and whether he is on schedule. The school authorities were happy with this.




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  • Mr. Richard Joseph
    I am a business man who has recently started a new business. We wanted a mobile application that will help me to improve business efficiency and remain in contact with my customers. I contacted Z

  • Mr. John E. Peterson
    We are extremely happy with our association with Zmartpros. They have delivered high end mobile application with enriched features. They have experts who can handle all their sophisticated projec

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