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Effective Services to Acquire, Secure and Track Mobile Applications

The greatest demand put forth by mobile users is the need for more mobile applications that will help them to get connected to enterprise resources, increase productivity and business efficiency, collaborate with colleagues, take better business decisions and increase ROI of the business. With the help of effective Mobile Application Management services, we help the mobile users address the stiff challenges of acquiring, securing and tracking mobile applications. They are empowered to manage all internal, corporate owned individual and other application from a central console.

We offer the following services:

  • Life cycle management of the application from purchasing, developing installation, securing and tracking, we manage the entire all the life cycle of the application.
  • Administrative services for the application so that the administrators can delegate application viewing to employees based on the role. Administrators can track applications find out the number of users of the app, the workflow status and much more.
  • Internal application development services to develop secure custom business application.
  • Licenses and cost management services to check and control application cost. This also helps in tracking licenses purchased and redeemed.
  • Applications security services to add security features to all internal applications.
  • Distribution services to view, install web applications.
  • Feedback and rating services to help users rate the applications.
  • Event analytics and reporting services to find out events, redemption codes used and consolidate events and reportings.

If you are interested in our mobile application management services, call us @ 713-589-6496.

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