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Secured Hybrid Clouds to Store and Manage Data

Cloud Computing is the practice of using a Network of Remote servers that are hosted on the internet and used to store and manage data rather than a local server. At Zmartpros, we provide Cloud Computing Consulting services by building secured public, private and hybrid clouds. Using great expertise and proven methodologies we help you reach high levels of business efficiency.

We provide the following Cloud computing services:

  • Migration services: We can help you move some of your critical business workloads to the cloud. We can host and fully manage this migration process.
  • Application development and deployment services: Our experts can build high end application faster. The development team and operation team can work together faster to develop applications, and bring them to the market quickly.

Whether it is a new application development, deployment or moving the legacy ones to the cloud, we are there to help you.

  • Innovative software as a service (Saas) services: We provide ready to use SSAS softwares that can help you give new innovative services to your customers. This will improve business efficiency.
  • Services built on a common platform and open standards: With the Cloud Technology built on common and optimize all business endeavors to give maximum business efficiency.

What are the benefits of Cloud Computing?                                                                           

  • Enhances agility and scalability of all the applications.
  • Reduces costs.
  • Becomes easy to streamline, develop and manage enterprise applications.
  • Enhances business innovation.
  • Secured and resilient.
  • Optimize business efficiency.

At Zmartpros, we are there to manage you cloud computing endeavors 24/7. We are experts in this field and have proven solutions to help you. If you are interested in our services, call us @ 713-589-6496.

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