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This is an era of smart phones. Recent statistics has shown that around 70% of mobile phone users in the US are smart phone users. With this kind of growth in the usage of smart phone, one cannot neglect the creation of mobile savvy websites, their optimization and the increased business efficiency. Mobile SEO services have become a must today for all kinds of businesses. At Zmartpros, we provide mobile SEO services that will enable you to ride the next mobile applications and mobile Ecommerce wave with grace. So be the first to adopt mobile SEO services for your business and be relieved to see it grow.

Why is Mobile SEO important?

  • Mobile marketing has grown exponentially. With over 75% of the US residents using smart phones, it has now become mandatory to create mobile savvy websites for your business.
  • Today buyers are not interested in finding out details about any product or service from others. All that they depend upon is the smart phone. So if you are business man, and if you have a mobile website with optimized SEO, then it becomes very easy for you to get more visitors to your website and thus increase business.
  • With proper mobile optimization and SEO services you can provide faster and enriched mobile experience to your users. This will give you the required competitive edge over others.

We offer the following SEO services:

  • We provide smart phone friendly contents that are short but informative and mobile crawler friendly.
  • We see to it that it that the mobile keywords are highly focused so that it brings quality traffic to your website.
  • We also provide other services like URL rewriting, Meta tag development, Link building, Analytics and creating site maps.

If you are looking for a service provider who can give effective Mobile SEO services, please contact us @ 713-589-6496.

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